CanadaCoach: Jesper Holmris Hansen


Canadian Team Handball Federation


Key players: Justin Danulet (goalkeeper), Mathieu Rousselle (right wing)

“We are a team that conciliates speed and unity,” affirms Canada manager Francois LeBeau. “We have good players in each position and our team spirit at the highest level.”

As the athletes come from all over the country, their individual physical preparation for Santo Domingo 2019 started in their own provinces. Then they came together to decide on tactics and strategies with Danish-born head coach Jesper Holmris Hansen.

When it comes to defining a goal for the NAC Emerging Nations Championship, LeBeau says: “We are trying to get the best rank possible, but even more important is playing with our hearts and giving the best effort we can.”

Group A at Santo Domingo 2019: Canada, Puerto Rico and Dominica